How to Wear Taruca Outdoor

What is Taruca Outdoor? Are we a hunting line? Are we a sportswear line? Well, the answer is we are a little of both. We are the first women's fashion camo brand to 'Lululemonize' the safari/hunting industry with fashion you can wear to the ranch, range, city -and everywhere in between. We were designed to be your go-to brand for your lifestyle close to the land and its wide-open spaces.

Our stylists have put together a pairing of accessories and gear to style up your Taruca Outdoor outfit to feel cute and comfortable for your next ranch weekend getaway.

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Haumea Tote

Watch: Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 Single Tour 44 mm

Sunglasses: Celine CL41805/S

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