TARUCA OUTDOOR is a performance camo sportswear brand for women. It’s our mission to offer outdoor enthusiasts fashion, function and fit so they feel empowered for any adventure.
Taruca Outdoor was created to offer women of all ages modern camo fashion options with relevant prints for the way we dress today. Camo is not only a fashion statement, but also used in the most popular wildlife destinations for women that hunt, fish, and safari. We blended fashion camo with camo that conceals so women can live and travel in our brand: from the ranch, range, city, safari, and beyond.
Our founder Jessica Zapatero is a California native married to a big game hunter from Texas. She soon realized that every time she and their 2 teen girls wanted to hang around Dad during hunting season, there was nothing for them to wear. Jessica observed that women are limited to pink and purple camo that doesn’t necessarily conceal or appeal to all women.
After studying the landscape of Trinity Ranch in Batesville, Texas, Jessica worked with her team to develop a modern camo pattern that flatters women while concealing in nature. The conceal carry collections are designed to help women look, feel and perform their best during archery, gun range practice and casual fun such as jeep rides, ranch weekends and sipping wine by the bonfire. Our debut field and stream collections are designed by women for women and made in Texas. This line is for a retailer that wants to inspire, empower and enable their customer to have an improved experience outdoors and at the range.
For questions about Taruca Outdoor contact us at 1-855-552-CAMO
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